Internal Medicine is the practice of diagnostic medicine for adults, with specialized training in the management of medical problems that are unique to older patients.

Your Internist will provide preventive health care, and will diagnose and treat both simple and complicated medical problems, including such things as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, breathing problems, arthritis, infections, etc.

Your internist will refer you to an appropriate specialist if necessary, and will continue to follow and treat your general medical problems.

Pasteur Medical Associates was formed as a practice in 1993. Over the years we have grown in size and currently have 6 doctors on our team, click here to meet the doctors. Although we are continuing to grow in the number of patients we stay true to our roots as your trusted primary care physician and do not want to lose sight of our mission to provide to each and every one of our patients “comprehensive coordinated care.” Many of our patients have multiple specialists who they see on a regular basis. By coordinating with us, your primary care physician, it enables us to see the whole picture and provide you the highest quality of medical care, which you deserve. Our comprehensive, coordinated care helps decrease fragmented and duplicated health care. Pasteur Medical Associates remains an independently owned organization.

Our office:
We have specially designed our office to put you at ease during your visit. Also, each provider has a separate section of the office to see their own patients, enabling you a maximum amount of privacy, and efficient care.
In June 2019, we celebrated 26 years as a practice and look forward to providing you many more years of service.