Maria Isabella Cantu

Business Office Administrator

Maria Isabella Cantu has been a Business office Administrator for 34 years and has been with Pasteur Medical Associates since its creation in 1993. She supervises and oversees the business office at PMA. She is in charge of medical collections, billing patients, customer service, bookkeeping tasks, certification of associate physicians credentials, public relations with hospital representatives, and coordination of bank accounts with area bank representatives. She is also responsible for computerized medical office procedures, medical coding procedures, keeping up with the ever-changing federal guidelines regarding Medicare and Medicaid, and explanation of benefits to patients and their responsibilities. Above all, she is responsible for ensuring the billing is correct and meets the standards of the federal government guidelines to stay current and in compliance with every phase of established medical regulations within the scope of accepted practices directly affecting the medical providers. Isabella has been married for 41 years and has two grown daughters.

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