Who can participate in a study?

• Anyone who is eligible according to inclusion/exclusion criteria

 How do I become eligible for a study?

• The factors that qualify you as eligible to participate in a study are called inclusion criteria
• The factors that disqualify you from participating in a study are called exclusion criteria
• These factors include age, gender, the type and stage of a disease, previous treatment history, and any other medical conditions
• Eligibility criteria are defined by the study protocol and are different for every study

 What do I benefit from participating?

• You gain access to potentially new research treatments
• Receive expert medical care for the condition being studied
• You could help others by contributing to medical research and treatment advances
• It’s FREE to participate and depending on the study, you may be compensated for time and travel

How will I be protected?

• During the informed consent process researchers provide participants with information about the study
• This information helps people decide whether they want to enroll, or continue to participate, in the study
• Patients enrolling in a study must sign an informed consent form which provides consent but is not a contract
• Participants are volunteers and may withdraw from a study once enrolled at any point


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