Concierge Medicine

What is Concierge Medicine?

  • Comprehensive
  • Personalized
  • Coordinated
  • Compassion
  • Care Model
  • Extended Service
  • Same Day/Next Day Visits
  • Expanded Access
  • On Call Physician
  • Availability

Benefits of Concierge Medicine

  • Unlimited Office Visits
  • Extended, Unrushed Appointments
  • Same Day and Next Day Appointments
  • Telemedicine/Virtual Appointments
  • Increased Availability
  • Direct Physician Access
  • Direct Physician Communication
  • Specialty Care Coordination

Concierge Medicine is comprehensive care model that focuses on personalized care by facilitating increased availability and direct access to your physician.

How is Concierge Model Different than Traditional Primary Care Model?

In a Traditional Primary Care Model, most physicians’ patient panels are between 3000-4000 patients, physicians see 20-30 patients per day in 10-15 minute visits and have midlevel providers, such as physicians assistants or nurse practitioners, to help manage patients’ care. Patients may wait weeks or months for office appointments.

Moreover, patients in a Traditional Primary Care Model are routinely scheduled with mid-level providers, do not see their doctor every office appointment, experience rushed visits and do not have the opportunity to communicate directly with their doctor regarding treatment plans or concerns. Patients may love their doctor, but are frustrated with the office and lack of access, availability and time with their doctor.

Concierge Medicine Model

In contrast, in a Concierge Medicine Model, panels are typically 90% smaller in size (or 300-800 patients) compared to those in Traditional Primary Care Model.
This allows for an immensely improved and personalized patient experience.

Our Concierge Medicine Model

Our concierge medicine model at Pasteur Medical Associates is focused on comprehensive, personalized patient care. Patients are always able to see a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician, never midlevel providers, and have access to same-day or next-day extended, unrushed appointments. Our clinic is a multi-physician practice, unique to other concierge clinics.

This allows for a more convenient care coverage for patients.

Moreover, in our Concierge Medicine Model, you are able to contact us directly via phone or electronic message, spend more time with us, and benefit from more coordinated care compared to a Traditional Primary Care model.

How much does Concierge Medicine cost?

In a Concierge Medicine Model, an extended service fee is charged to patients, which covers the cost of patient care management not covered by insurance, such as increased access and availability. Extended service fees may vary depending on your location. But membership is more affordable than you think.

Extended service fees in our concierge practice may cost annually as little as:

  • A cup of coffee a day
  • A gym membership
  • A cell phone bill
  • A TV subscription
  • Fees are billed annually. Monthly payment arrangements can be arranged.

Does Insurance cover Concierge Medicine Extended Service Fee?

Insurance does not cover the cost of a concierge medicine fee. It is an out-of-pocket expensive. However, healthcare saving accounts such as HSA and FSA can be used towards the cost.

Additionally, payment arrangements can be setup in our concierge medicine practice.

Do I still need my insurance?

Yes, we recommend you still keep your health insurance to cover additional healthcare expenses, such as:

  • Hospitalizations
  • Medications
  • Labs, imaging testing
  • Procedures
  • Specialist/Consultants visits
  • Office Visits
  • Other healthcare expenses

How do I sign up for your Concierge Medicine Practice?

Contact our office today to sign-up!